Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Et la vie continue...

   We are somewhere between Delmas 25 and Delmas 27, stuck in the neverending traffic. All around me, buildings are intact. The camionette in front of me picks some people up, though there is barely enough room for those who are already sitting on the benches inside. The marchande on my right sits and waits for someone to buy a shirt from her.

    No, this is not a scene from 'before the earthquake.'

     Like Mr. Alberto told me on our way from the border, life must go on. And it's going on all around me here. Stores still standing are opening up. Restaurants that have not been destroyed welcome those who can afford to go. Businessmen and women are going back to work; some starting where they left off, some starting from scratch.

   Life even goes on in this makeshift tent city that 12,000 people now call home. A man with speakers offers free international phone calls. Suprisingly enough, the line is not long. On the other side of the 'city', a red cross truck gives out mosquito nets, rugs, and a few other supplies to those who were lucky enough to get a card. Some people gather around a UNICEF water cistern. They stand together talking and I ask if they are family. They don't know each other. A few chairs are put out in front of some tents: a makeshift living room. Women sit and discuss, waving and calling out to people they know. Kites are flying, and a tiny Haitian flag can be seen in the distance, as people come back from work and make their way into the tiny streets of their newly founded city.


  1. Nastasia,

    I find it amazing that you are in Haiti, trying to do all you can to help. I can only imagine the devastation, the incredible loss endured by so many...

    I want to say something profound, something inspiring, but I am at a loss for words. Your words, though, have touched and inspired me (it wasn't fer nuthin ya got that English degree :)).

    You are a couragous, strong, and above all, a very sensitive and empathetic person. It is a powerful combination.

    Your photographs and what you have written have provided me with more insight in a few blogs than hours of watching CNN or reading newspapers.

    Keep writing, write about what you feel and what you see, you have a gift for it!

    While you are surrounded by tragedy, you also have a chance to see the best (and sometimes the worst) sides of people. I imagine it is hard, possibly impossible, not to take it all to heart.

    Know that we are thinking of you, that we are sending our prayers and positive Chi your way. Maybe we'll have the chance to do a little more...

    Be safe, be strong, be your beautiful self.

  2. Dear Michele,
    I was so touched by your letter! Thank you for your kind words. I unfortunately had to leave Haiti because of work, but my time there has only made me more eager to go back as soon as possible.
    I hope everything is going well for you.