Monday, January 25, 2010


       I'm sure we will rarely have to answer the question "Haiti? What's that?". Instead we might get "Haiti? I'm sorry," but that's besides the point. These days, everyone knows Haiti, everyone cares about Haiti, everyone wants to help Haiti. It's touching to see the world's efforts to help a tiny island nation that once meant nothing to them.
   But even as I stand amazed at the world's response, I can't help wondering, with much anxiety, how long it's going to last. How long will you 'stand by our side', before you need to be at someone else's side? How long will you be 'hand to hand' with us, before you realize it is too big of a burden? How long until 'ensemble ensemble ensemble' becomes 'tout seul tout seul tout seul', and we are left here, Stranded?
   I hope it never comes to this. But inevitably, the hype will die down, people will lose interest, donations will decrease. All I ask is that the international community, those who have vowed to be "arm to arm with us til we get strong again" understand that it will be months, years, before we are able to stand on our own two feet. So please, follow through on your promises.


  1. We the priviledged must do the same too, and so comes the big question of self sacrifice.