Sunday, November 28, 2010

alors on fait quoi maintenant?

"Une fraude calculee" is what this election is being called by many. "A calculated fraud" by the ruling party and the Electoral Commission. There is no doubt in many people's minds around here that, as the thirteen candidates have claimed, this election was marred by widespread fraud including ballot stuffing and vote buying. Observer reports do in fact confirm cases of fraud, but the most reported irregularities were problems with the voter list: people did not know where to go vote (though they did turn out in great numbers to do so) and had a limited number of ways to find this information. This led to a great number of people showing up, being turned away, getting confused, getting somewhat frustrated. Perhaps this was part of the calculated fraud. Organized chaos.

But then you have those who wonder how much fraud actually happened? Enough fraud to warrant an annulment of the election? Enough that it would significantly affect the results? As we wait for provisional reports and results, there are dozens of questions begging to be asked. What will happen if one of the candidates calling for this annulment is shown to have won the election? Will that candidate accept the results? Will the country accept the results? And if it were somehow decided that another election would be held, would the international community, who seems entirely skeptical of the candidates' claims, finance these elections? Did the candidates act too quickly? Or was it a good response to a government qui 'se foue de la gueule du peuple' and supposedly tried to steal the elections?

At this point, I don't know what to think, and unless you are God, you don't know the entire truth either. But one thing is for sure, ladies and gentlemen, 'se pa yon kanaval non ki deyo a, se lavni peyi a"': this country's future is at stake., what now?


  1. no one knows what's going to happen or what we're suppose to do. it seems to be the way things are in Haiti, always a wait a see situation, always preparing for the worst. While the government, the candidates, the private sector are figuring out a way out of this mess, the population who had put all their hopes for change in these elections are left confused and frustrated.

  2. I like the post. Interesting questions. You have an interesting voice...