Sunday, November 28, 2010

Election Day Updates

* All of this information is from local news and phone calls from family/friends.*
November 2810:00 AM: All across the country, people cannot find their names on the voter lists. (This is not shocking considering how difficult it is to find out where to go vote.) Some voting centers have still not received ballots. 
12:00 PM: Some voting centers have been completely shut down because of riots and trouble with the voter lists. 
Candidates are meeting to discuss cancelling these elections.3:00 PM: 13 candidates, including Manigat and Martelly, have called for the elections to be cancelled, claiming widespread fraud orchestrated by Preval and the Electoral Commission. The Electoral Commission says election will continue as planned. The OAS/CARICOM observation mission was scheduled to hold a press conference at 2:30 PM but have yet to say anything.
3:20 PM: Wyclef Jean and Michel Martelly are leaving the Karibe hotel and leading a march in Port-au-Prince.
5:43: Martelly calling for Preval's resignation? (Not confirmed). 5:45: The Electoral Commission says the election is not annuled, and that it will evaluate the situation later.  7:12: Still waiting for the CEP press conference, which was scheduled to begin at 6. 7:45: CEP announces that elections that took place are valid, and that they will examine complaints case by case. 

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