Tuesday, December 7, 2010

c'est quoi la volonte du peuple?

On November 29th, a day after the confusing end to the elections that were meant to bring change to Haiti, Haitians and foreigners alike woke up unsure of what to expect, hesitating to go back to normal life, not knowing whether or not the country would 'explode'. People tried to ascertain who would give in, who would protest, whether or not we would be moving forward or backwards. The quiet on the streets was both reassuring and frightening (was this the calm before the storm?) and statement by statement, key players changed the course of history.

In what was perhaps one of the most important statements of the week, Edmond Mulet, head of the UN peacekeeping force in Haiti,  announced that the UN will pull out of the country if the 'will of the people' is not respected.  I'm a little unsure, Mr. Mulet, about what the will of the people is, amid reports and rumors of massive fraud, ongoing calls for the annulment of the elections, polls showing a Jude Celestin-Mirlande Manigat second round, quickcounts showing a Michel Martelly-Mirlande Manigat second round, and (unpublished) reports showing Jude Celestin winning in the first round. In fact, I'm entirely doubtful, Mr. Mulet, that the will of the people will ever be respected.

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