Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti, January 19th, Pictures and Thoughts

   It's sometime near five and I can't help but notice that everyone in the living room has gone quiet. All fallen asleep? I walk in and, seeing the questioning look on my face, my aunt fills me in: "we were observing a minute of silence, in memory of those we lost." It's 4:53 PM on Tuesday January 19th, exactly one week since the earthquake hit and changed these people's lives forever.
    There is an odd sense of calm around town, as people are feeling a little less terrified. Those who are lucky enough to have a place off the streets are choosing to sleep inside.   "Bon dye pap kite kay tombe sou tet nou enko," (God will not let houses fall on our heads again), says Lizanne (whose house was destroyed but is now living with someone else).
    But with this sense of calm comes a sense of desperation, as people are still homeless and without food and water. They are leaving for the provinces: some have family there and some are just hoping to find a place to stay once they get there. Port-au-Prince has failed them.

Some pictures from today: (I apologize for the poor quality)

Buses taking people to provinces

New homes in front of old homes

Saving what you can

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