Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti Monday January 18th, Pictures and Thoughts

   Today, a few dead bodies put out on the road for the truck to pick up. Apparently the government has done a good job of cleaning the streets (at least the main ones). I haven't seen any US Marines yet, nor have I seen many Red Cross cars. The UN compound is packed with aid workers and journalists, all trying  to get as much information as possible about the situation. People have set up camps everywhere; I can not even imagine what is going to be done for the thousands now left homeless.

   I've also noticed that people are banding together within their communities. All along the Delmas road, you see signs "We need food, water, and lamps. Aidez nous SVP. HELP. Commune Delmas X" Sometimes there is even a number to call, most likely the chosen representative of the section.

   Banks are now opening up, as are some supermarkets, though I don't know how fast supplies will run out or how we will be able to bring more in.

    The airport road was completely blocked today, one UN supply truck after another along the road. There was some chaos when they tried to give out gasoline; it was a sight seeing the UN try to keep the men away, shouting in languages only they can understand.

Eglise de Sacre Coeur

Le Palais de Plus Pres

Lycee Francais, Homeless Family

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