Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Update: Que vas tu faire, Mr. Le President?

The American Embassy and the Private Sector Economic Forum have both released statements saying the announced results do not correlate with most other results which confirmed a Manigat-Martelly second round. This morning again, people have taken to the streets, some chanting peacefully (see video below), others taking the 'kraze brize" route (break and destroy). One source living near the Provisional Electoral Council (PEC) office in Petionville reports fire burning, roads blocked, and people yelling: "KEP, KEP LEU NOU VOTE NOU PA JOUER..." (PEC, PEC,when we vote we don't mess around).

No one is messing around, Mr. Preval. People made it clear from the beginning: Jude Pap Pase (Jude will not go through). So what will you do now, Mr. Preval? Leave? No, that would be too easy. Perhaps it's time for a sacrifice. Perhaps it's time for Jude Celestin to remove himself from the race? Prophet N has received word that Preval is indeed contemplating such a move, but only he knows what he will actually do... 

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