Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beirut, Haiti

The radio has been on for so long that I am barely listening anymore. More protests, barricades, tires burning, shots being fired all over the country. "Can you confirm that someone has died?". "Yes, there is a body on the ground right next to me." As I listen to the reporter's agitated voice, the immensity and sadness of the situation starts to settle in, and I feel less and less hopeful about a resolution to this. The CEP's announcement that it wants to form a commission to verify results, with the ultimate aim of 'protecting lives', seems inconsequential, almost humourous, as do the other proposed solutions, thought of by men and women sitting comfortably around living rooms and offices: a second round with three candidates? a second round with Martelly and Manigat? an annulment of the elections?

But then what? How will these political solutions fix something that has become about so much more than politics?

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  1. ---> see the fraud some more =)